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 Tax Information 

Tax Information

Town and County Taxes are mailed out the last week of December every year.  If you have do not recieve them please call us at 315-245-2191 ext. 1.  We ask that if your mailing in your payment please make sure there is a contact number on your check.  This helps if there is an issue with your payment and could save you from paying a penalty.  If you have moved please call the assessor so she can get your address changed so you receive your taxes.  If you have questions on the Star Program contact the Assessing Department 315-245-2191 Ext: 3

If you have any questions for the Tax collector feel free to call us at 315-245-2191 Ext: 1




Tax Collector
Donna M Clark
2083 State Route 49
P.O. Box 278
North Bay, NY 13123
Phone: 315-245-2191 ext: 21
Fax: 315-245-3308
Website: /
Town and County Tax Bills

To look up your taxes, click on the tax year then ctrl F enter name or tax # then enter. 


Town and County Tax Bills come out by the 31st of December every year.  They can be paid with out penalty in person or with a US Postal mark of January 31st of every year.  If paid in the month of February there is a 1% penalty added onto the amount.  If paid in the month of March there is a 1.5 % penalty added on plus a $2.00 Rebilling Fee.  If you need the exact amount you can always call us at 315-245-2191 Ext: 1.  Sorry but we can only except a full payment.  All payments should be made out to Vienna Tax Collector.  We ask that you please bring in exact change to pay your taxes as we do not always have change. We except Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card or E-Check.  If you mail in your taxes and would like us to send you back a paid reciept please send us your entire bill as it cost money to generate another bill.  We are looking to save you the tax payers as much as possible.  Tax collection hours are Monday through Thursday 9AM to 2PM if you come in after those hours your payment will be put on the next days business.  If you are behind on taxes and you need to know your amount you can call Oneida County at 315-798-5754 and they can tell your new amount.