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 Town Clerk Applications / Forms 

Town Clerk Application / Forms

Hunting / Fishing Licenses
You can get your hunting and fishing license with the Town Clerk.  If you have never had one we need photo ID along with proof of residency.
Dog License

To obtain a dog License you must bring the following into the Town Clerks Office:

-Rabies information

-Spayed or Neutered information

-$8.50 Spayed / Neutered

-$21.50 unspayed / unneutered


Handicap Parking Permits

If your permit is due to expire, contact your local issuing agent to find out about the renewal procedures in your area.

Vienna Town Clerk requires an updated proof of disability.  

Years Available for Geneology

Birth Record- 1936 or Prior


Marriage Record- 1961 or Prior


Death Record- 1961 or Prior

People allowed to receive Birth, Death or Marriage record other than Geneological years

A direct descendant is the only person(s) who are allowed to recieve a Birth, Death, or Marriage record other than their own if not in geneological years.

A direct descendant is such as Mother, Father, Grandparents and Great Grandparents ONLY

A Child, Parent, Spouse, Insurance company or Lawyer may also receive these.

Marriage License
To obtain a Marriage License you need to Come to the Town Clerks Office with: 
  • Government issued Photo ID, including name, address, signature, and date of birth
  • Birth Certificate with raised seal and parents' names on it
  • Bride & Groom
  • $40.00
  • If this is not your first marriage we need all divorce decrees or death certificates for each previous marriage
  • Please call 315-245-2191 ext.1 for an APPOINTMENT


A Marriage License is not good for 24 hours and only good for 60 days.

Dangerous Dog Complaint (PDF - 54.1 KB)
Exempt Dog Form (PDF - 98.5 KB)
Pet Surrender Form (PDF - 91.2 KB)
FOIL Application (PDF - 57.6 KB)
Dog Complaint Form (PDF - 327.1 KB)
Employment Application (PDF - 281.2 KB)